Admin is back

Admin is finally back updating her blog again after a VERY long time. Life has been busy, many changes and lots of things to focus on. My apologies for not being able to keep this blog up to date. So! What kept me busy? Life in general! Switching jobs, moving into a new flat, trying […]

30’s is the new 20’s

I haven’t been updating my blog for ages! Life has been sooooo busy! By the time I get home from work I’m dead, completely! I didn’t get to update my makeup channel at all. Even stuff I used to do for fun like making accessories and cooking. Wahhhhhhhhh!!! But to saying all this, I’m now […]

Cookie Monster!

This is my first time trying to bake these little Chocolate Chocolate Chips Cookies. Didn’t know that baking can be fun! Besides getting to eat a fresh baked cookies, I get to work on my biceps a little lol and the whole room smells soooooo nice! Thanks to!

DARE Championships MMA Bangkok

Last Saturday I was very excited to go see DARE Championship, the first MMA(Mixed Martial Arts) fights in Bangkok, Thailand at Club Insomnia Sukhumvit soi 12. I just finished uploading the first video on my youtube channel. More videos are coming up soon!

Doi Inthanon – CM

This video was taken when I was in Chiang Mai. I had a great time exploring Doi Inthanon with James and my cute tiny guide(who is very healthy!).  I had a fresh wild berried, so juicy and sour! I saw a wild boar’s footprints and was hoping to see the actual creature. Nope, didn’t get […]